Thursday, November 21, 2019

Venus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Venus - Essay Example Her genital area has a clear definition. This figurine has a large, round stomach. Her stomach hangs, but does not cover her genitalia She also has large flat buttocks. Her head has a pattern of concentric rings which can represent her hair or a kind of head dress. Her thighs and knees are large. She has no feet. This means she cannot stand on her own. She has no facial features. This makes her anonymous (Lammerhuber 2008). Venus of Willendorf is an exceptionally erotic figure. Her female aura was expressed in her ample bosom and detailed genitals. Her large sexual features depict her as a fertility icon. Her form portrays her nurturing abilities. She lacks a face. This imparts her with universality. She is a universal symbol of womanhood. Her lack of feet could be to provide immobility. Studies show that she may have been a prehistoric fertility goddess. Her power would lie in the ability to procreate. Other translations depict her as a doll for children in the prehistoric age. Venus of Willendorf has also been translated as a self-sculpture of a large woman. This figurine represents an impressive degree of artistic ability in its basic structure and intricate details (Lammerhuber

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