Friday, February 7, 2020

A controversy in propaganda Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A controversy in propaganda - Essay Example This is in addition to distributing such information to concerned citizens via their right to receive such ‘accurate’ news. Indeed as one of America’s founding fathers would portend – an informed society is essential for democracy to thrive (ODonnell and Garth 57). In order for information to have both value and meaning, it ought to be not only objective, but also reasonably complete and accurate. Hence, the ideal that both the objectivity and freedom of the press are a cornerstone of democracy. To be noted is that with freedom, as enshrined in democracies, comes both challenges and responsibilities (Chomsky and Edward 41). This necessitates correspondence that is both objective and balanced, despite prevailing personal perspectives; often in the most horrible of human conditions. In addition, when faced with the various tragedies of human misunderstandings and conflicts, it is difficult for one to remain as a detached observer. The media industry, under continuous pressure to deliver captivating and compelling news, often finds it difficult to successfully resist various temptations to sensationalize information presented (Chomsky and Edward 44). Historically, a majority of attempts made in measuring the effects of propaganda involved highly artificial techniques. However, these have not really captured the effects of propaganda because of the sleeper effect; that is, delayed reactions until the propaganda has penetrated resistance from the intended audience. Historically, the media has been on the forefront in propagating propaganda through conveyance of messages, ideals and perspectives. This has been the case from the early times newspapers, leaflets and catalogues, to the present-day society, where social media amongst other forms of electronic media, have and continue influencing society. This has been through different avenues of ‘loading’ information output in such manner, as to serve as an avenue

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