Sunday, February 23, 2020

English Speech Act Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

English Speech Act - Research Paper Example People interact differently and forms of communication vary greatly on what is under discussion. One form of speech act is apologizing. The situation of apologizing is necessary when the speaker’s actions infringes social norms. When an utterance or practice has led to an offense, the accused should apologize. As a result, we handle two groups: an apologizer and on the other hand the recipient of apology. However, the act is based on if the individual who created the transgression admits and apologizes. The practice of apologizing needs an utterance or action that is supposed to put things in the right place. Whether a given discourse conditions calls for an apology and if a given utterance succeeds as such an apology will be based on either social-cultural or linguistic norms. Teaching speech acts allows EFL learners to be mindful of the sociolinguistic pacts of language application and cultural variances that make up the suitable fix in English in contrary to their initial s ocio-linguistic structures. Olshtain and Cohen (1991) in respect to language competency stated the way we narrate an incident that also emphasizes the significance of mastering language and presenting the right thing at the right moment is critical in speech act. In some instance, people may use or say something that can cause embarrassment to others. For example, while serving tea one may say â€Å"more tea please† to Americans, the utterance of the word â€Å"tea please!† is interpreted as a request while not an offer. One may have mastered grammar principles, but just mastering the rules, though crucial, is not adequate for effective communication. The fundamental question for consideration on this is is speech acts haphazardly extracted in the stage of second language acquisition or must they been logically taught? Ellis (1992), Olshtain and Cohen (1991), and King and Silver (1993) have debated that training speech acts to foreign students has

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